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Harmony Day 2019

A beautiful message from Mark Scott (Department Secretary)

"Today we celebrate Harmony Day’s twentieth anniversary. Harmony Day was established to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and to be a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home.

Of course, this year’s celebration comes at a difficult and challenging time, following the terrible attacks in New Zealand. We are shocked and sobered by what we have seen, but we increase our resolve to make our society one which celebrates multiculturalism and recognises that together we are so much richer for what each of us brings and contributes to our community.

For twenty years schools and workplaces around the country have put on wonderful celebrations – feasts of international food, music and dance events, talks and workshops. Parents across the country have scrambled to find orange t-shirts, often frustratingly difficult to source but gleefully worn by throngs of excited children. Communities have come together and really celebrated difference and diversity – as well as the things that we have in common.

Our very best chance for a happy and harmonious future comes with what our students learn together every day in our rich and diverse school communities. As is often the case, the rest of society could learn much from how schools go about their work every day, as beacons of tolerance and respect.

In our schools and our corporate offices – wherever you are – have a wonderful day. As this year’s Harmony Week theme reminds us, ‘everyone belongs’."

Thank you to Ms Simpson for organising AHS activities for Harmony Day

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