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Drives for Learners in Macarthur

Drives for Leaners in Macarthur Flier


Welcome to the ‘Drives for Learners in Macarthur’ Project! This project was established in 2004 across the Macarthur Region and has provided a booklet of planned drives and Log Book Run events to the Community. The project aims to support the Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS) operating in NSW, which novice drivers undertake before obtaining their unrestricted driver licence.

Over 400 learner drivers have participated in the Day and Dusk Log Book Run events to date. A comprehensive evaluation process is part of the project, which ensures continued improvement and relevance from comments made by participants.

Young drivers represent 13% of licensed drivers yet they are involved in 26% of all fatal crashes. To reduce the death and injury of young people on our roads the NSW Government has introduced a range of new initiatives. These came into effect from July 1 2007. Learner drivers under 25 years of age obtaining their learner licence on or after 1 July 2007 will have to hold their learner licence for a minimum of 12 months and complete 120 hours of supervised driving (including 20 hours of night driving). In addition to this, all mobile phone use is banned while driving, this includes handsfree loudspeaker functions. ‘L’ plates must also be displayed on the outside of the vehicle.

Camden, Campbelltown City and Wollondilly Shire Councils recognise the importance of these new licence conditions for learner drivers - and at a local level we see the need to support both the learner drivers and supervising drivers to comply with these new rules. The Drives for Learners in Macarthur project provides a resource that will assist learner drivers and their supervisors in completing on-road driving experiences to contribute to supervised driving hours required to obtain a provisional licence (P1).

The Macarthur Region is a perfect place for new drivers to gain experience on the road network. The Region has all road types with a mixture of freeway, multi-lane, urban, industrial, rural conditions including narrow and unsealed country roads.

Camden, Campbelltown City and Wollondilly Shire Councils are committed to ensuring the safety of its young drivers, and this project is a great opportunity to expand the driving experience and knowledge of learner drivers.

This booklet encourages you to explore the Macarthur region whilst learning to drive. Local experienced drivers have selected these drives. A good cross-section of roads have been chosen to help improve your driving experience. This booklet aims to make the learning process easier as the drives have been planned for you. Each map has a guide that directs you through the drive. All the details required for your log book have been listed with the guide so that you can directly enter the information after you have completed the drive.

Drives for Leaners in Macarthur