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Tim's Garden Centre is looking for an Apprentice Horticulturist

Tim's Garden Centre


We have received the below email from Tim Pickles at Tim’s Garden Centre. He is looking for an Apprentice Horticulturist, please see details below.....

We are looking for an Apprentice Horticulturist to join our team.

You might have someone at your school who is ready to leave school and get a job.
We want someone who is alive.
We want someone who gets attention.
They might even be hyperactive?
So am I. That’s great too
They might already have a vegetable garden or some indoor plants?
They might like mowing the lawn at home?
They have to be fit and healthy
There’s lots of heavy lifting here too.
If they have their Ps that would be great.
Get them to send me their resume
They could just call in and see me too.
They could come and work for a week to see if they like it before leaving school too.
Has this got you thinking about someone?

Tim Pickles