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Learning and Support


At Ambarvale High School, we have a fantastic Learning and Support Team. The primary focus of this team is to ensure we are assisting students with their ability to meet learning outcomes through targeted teaching methods. Many students in mainstream classes who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning, regardless of the cause, are supported by a range of teachers through one-on-one withdrawals, in class support, focus workshops and student mentoring.                                


Learning and Support Team

Our Learning and Support Team coordinate and monitor the following:

  • Support for students with diagnosed learning difficulties
  • Support for students who have been identified as needing additional support through in class support or withdrawal
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • HSC Disability Provisions
  • Liaising with staff to assist with differentiation of resources and lessons
  • Creating and distributing resources for whole staff
  • Distance education


Student Learning Advisor Team

Our Student Learning Advisors coordinate and monitor the following:

  • Tell Them From Me Surveys
  • Student Learning Conferences
  • Learning Labs
  • ICAS
  • NAPLAN Support programs
  • Progress Week for Stage 6 students – Individual Learning Plans
  • Support for students who have self- identified as needing additional help for assessment
  • Assisting faculties with extra projects
  • Coordinating focus groups within various faculties
  • Student withdrawal for Learning Support needs
  • Year 7 Student Profiles

Our Aboriginal Learning Advisor coordinates and monitors the following:

  • Provides support for students identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander for both class work and assessment tasks
  • Coordinates internal cultural and learning programs with community agencies
  • Coordinates External Cultural and Learning programs with community agencies

Other roles that select members of our team cover include:

  • Provide professional specialist advice, support and mentoring to classroom teachers about classroom practice.
  • Working collaboratively with classroom teachers to support assessment for learning of their students with specific learning and support needs.
  • Plan, implement and monitor adjusted learning programs for students with additional needs.
  • Provide direct support for students through a range of strategies as well as covering areas of social integration, language and communication, literacy, numeracy and behaviour.