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Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Cooperation

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Ambarvale High School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school.

Our school values are:

Trust - be in the right place at the right time

Respect - care for yourself, each other and the school

Responsibility - be organised for school

Excellence - always do your best

Cooperation - follow all staff instructions

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) or 'TRREC' as it is known at Ambarvale High School, has been embedded in our school plan and has been a priority in teaching and learning across our whole school portfolios.
Our school values are embedded in all whole school activities and functions. Through TRREC, our school values are present on most school documents and those values are central to our school's behaviour management systems and reward systems. It continues to be a priority across wellbeing and all key learning areas.
TRREC has a highly visible presence throughout the school through substantial signage that outlines the behaviour expectations in indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

The goal of TRREC

The aim of TRREC is to help foster a positive classroom and wider school experience for students through the creation of a calm and controlled learning environment. The consistent use of positive reinforcement is the only approach proven to change behaviour. TRREC, therefore, aims to support students in making positive behaviour choices through an explicit focus on demonstrating the behaviours we, as a school, would like to see, using our school values as our guide.
It is about:
  • Establishing a school environment that supports long term success
  • Integrating positive academic and social behaviour expectations
  • Teaching desirable behaviours
  • Improving behaviour support systems for students
  • Increasing positive interactions with students
  • Using data for decision making
  • Decreasing reactive management
  • Maximising academic achievement

TRREC Level System


TRREC levels flowchart