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Zone Results


On Friday 18th June 59 students represented AHS at Campbelltown Stadium. Mrs Burcher was informed of a few results on the day-

12 Boys-

C.Alvarez - 2nd Long Jump

N.Loizou - 1st 800m

R.Nonenmacher 1st discus 2nd high jump 3rd long jump

12yr Boys Relay 1st- C.Alvarez, N.Loizou, N.Shareef, R.Nonenmacher

12 Girls -

S.Phan - 1st High Jump, 2nd 100m

13yr Boys-

J.Papa -1st 800m, 2nd 200m, 3rd or 4th 100m (awaiting results)

13yr Girls-

S.Sanerivi- 4th Discus, 4th Shot Put, 3rd Javelin

M.Hawke- 1st Javelin, 2nd Discus

A.Sawyer- 3rd 800m

13yr Girls Relay 2nd- J.Hughes, T.Ihoho, A.Sawyer, C.Lish

14yr Boys-

W.Browne- 2nd Shot Put

S.Jenkins- 1st Javelin

14yr Boy Relay 5th- J.Papa, C.Acosta. S.Jenkins, H.Slater

14yr Girls-

A.Hale -3rd Shot Put, 4th Discus and 5th Long Jump

15yr Boys-

J.El Kheir- 1st Triple Jump

16yr Boys-

S.Losia- 2nd Javelin

16 Boys Relay 2nd- N.Chebaro, J.Pye, Z.Mousalli, J.EL Khier

16yr Girls-

B.Cunningham- 1st Long Jump, 1st 100m, 1st 200m

K. Wiggins -2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m, 2nd 400, 3rd 200m

16yr Girls Relay 1st- K.Wiggins, C.Halls, E.Hampson, B.Cunningham

17yr Boys-

H.Ferguson- 4th Discus

N.Jones- 4th Shot Put

C.James- 4th Long Jump, 2nd High Jump, 2nd 200m

17yr Boys Relay 3rd- N.Jones, H.Ferguson, C.James, R.Lole

17yr Girls-

A.Wiggins-1st 100m, 2nd 200m, 2nd 800m

So proud of all our students - Mrs Burcher

Contact if your child has any results that have been missed.