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Early Entry Information

Early Entry Programs to Universities NSW

The time for Early Entry is now.

This year every University is offering early entry* and all programs are open right now. They close at various times starting in 10 days on Aug 15, with the majority closing at the end of term 3.

Normally around 70% of Year 12 students entering University do so through an early entry program.

This year, I believe over 90% will enter via Early Entry. (Provided they complete the paperwork in time - fingers crossed)

An early entry offer will go a long way to easing the stress on Year 12students who are bound for University in this crazy year.

The good news is - it's pretty quick and easy to apply.

A simple google search will direct you to the exact requirements for each university

'Year 12 Early Entry 'institution'' for example 'Year 12 Early Entry Western Sydney'

In Summary

Most Universities require you to apply through their own website.

Many require you to prepare a one page statement which aims to assess academic readiness and passion.

Many require you to also request 'School Recommendation Scheme' just a few clicks on the UAC site.

Some require you to apply via UAC in the SRS section and you upload the one page statement onto UAC.

I'm conscious that the media focus on Year 12 is overwhelming at the moment, however simple and practical information now could be very helpful to young people on a path to University.

I hope this is helpful, please email me with any questions or if you need help - Ms Abelitis.