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Remote Learning Guidelines / Learning Environment Check List

Learning environment checklist

Learning Environment Checklist

Remote Learning information for students and parents.

With the dynamic situation we are currently faced with, for many of us working from home can be unexpected and face many challenges. 

We have attached a checklist outlining the principles you should consider for computer-based work, when setting up the space you have at home.

Really importantly, please consider the following:-

- Keep moving and ensure you get up from your desk to walk around

- Communication is essential with colleagues and students - stay connected

- Manage stress through relaxation, meditation and mindfulness

- Try a digital detox during the evenings

- Get a good nights sleep and eat nutritious foods 

- Ask for help or support if needed, remember you are not alone during this time

Working from home? Here is a helpful workplace health and safety (WHS) checklist for our parents.

We are all in this together, we are thinking of all our families during this difficult time. 

AHS Staff.